Creation of GHF Scholarship Fund


When Lynda’s courageous battle against a horrible illness ended,  it made such an impact on everyone who knew and loved her.  One of her closest friends since their school days, Cookie Dibble,  thought long and hard how to continue shining Lynda’s light.

For those that knew her best, some words that come to mind when thinking of Lynda are cheery, positive, persistent, helpful, optimistic and fun; in other words a “Glass Half Full” attitude.

Always encouraging to others with kind words, helpful hands, a shoulder to lean (or cry) on and never too busy to listen when you needed to talk, it seemed fitting to Cookie that a scholarship that helped young adults as they ventured in to the world was the way to go.

For the past two years Cookie has provided most of the funds that go in to the scholarship. Lynda touched so many lives that family and friends have decided now is the time to share the joy of participating in the tribute with others.

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